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ppl_whohate_ppl's Journal

The People Who Hate People Party
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I had the idea to start this community because it occurred to me today on the way to work how much people piss me off. I immediately thought of the absolutely beautiful rant by the late Bill Hicks about that very subject. He starts off by saying that there's a new party in town...the People Who Hate People Party:

"People Who Hate People...come together!"
... We're kinda having trouble getting of the boards, but you know ...
"Are you gonna be there?"
"Then I ain't fuckin' coming."
"But you're our strongest member!"
"That's what I'm talking about, you asshole!"
"Fuck Off!!"
"Damn, we almost had a meeting going..."

You, know...it's funny because it's so true.

Anyway, if you're like me, and sociable behavior is somewhat of a challenge (although I can fake my way through and I sometimes have fun when I do), then your words are welcome here. If your words are abusive, threatening, or at least completely whacked, they will serve as a reminder of the reason I founded this community in the first place.

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Now go away.